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Cattail Vase Arrangement

Get in the fall spirit with this arrangement! Cattails grow near ponds, creeks and other wetland areas and look awesome in indoor and outdoor arrangements. You can even spray a laquer onto the cattails to preserve them. I put them in a vase with some water and added a few other natural elements to the arrangement. Love this look for autumn/fall décor.


· Garden cutters/ pruning sheers

· Large glass vase

· Modge podge or other clear sealer

· Cattails (usually found near ponds)

Step 1:

Locate and cut cattails and other plantings to go in your arrangement. I like cutting cattails at the end of summer and early fall while they are still in good condition. I like to keep the stems of everything long, you can always cut them down if needed.

Step 2:

Spray cattails with modge podge clear sealer and let dry.

Step 3:

Cut and arrange cattails and plantings in large glass container. I like to stagger the heights of different elements in the container for a multi dimensional effect. 

Step 4: 

Add water to the container and display your arrangement for the perfect autumn/fall décor!

Don't forget to keep checking my Ukiah Realtor blog for more tips for seasonal decorating in Mendocino County!


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